About Us

Technical writing is not just about writing technical information. It requires you to first, understand technical information, and then transform it into easy-to-understand content. This requires you to condition your skills.

We are a group of experienced technical writers from India. Through this blog, we are providing information that will help both an aspiring technical writer and a skilled technical writer, refine their technical writing skills.

Our beliefs

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

Margaret Fuller

Today, people need to interact with a lot of complex technical products every day. Whenever they face any issue, they search for a solution in the technical documents written by a technical writer.

As a technical writer, our job is to help people to understand the product better.

We believe in helping technical writers to do their job effectively. We believe in sharing the knowledge we acquired as it is the fundamental block of friendship. It is a way we can give something without losing it.

Sharing knowledge is not about giving people something or getting something from them. That is only valid for information sharing. Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities for action; it is about creating learning processes.

Peter Senge

Our technical writing mission

Our blog is a one-stop solution for all your technical writing questions. We share information gathered from experts from different domains and industries.
Our mission is to transfer the knowledge without looking for anything in return.